Magnolia Wreath

I started this wreath on a whim after an afternoon walk. We have so many beautiful trees here in the south, but a beautiful Magnolia is one of my favorites! I’ll tell you how I did it here:

1. Gather your leaves off a Magnolia Tree. The bigger leaves work the best, and those with a shiny coat.

2. Gather the leaves in groups of three. As shown below :

3. You can either wire this grouping together or you can hot glue them directly to your wreath base. I used a wire base I got at Walmart, but any base will do fine!

4. Attach the leaves in rows and try to line up the middle leaves, creating a uniform line around the wreath. Of course, nature is perfectly imperfect, so it won’t be exact! It won’t line up perfectly!! But don’t worry! It will still be beautiful 🌿

5. After you’ve completed your rows all the way around your base wreath, you may take extra leaves and fill in any holes or blank spaces. Just glue right on the stem of the leaf and stick it in the hole! Just make sure you line it up correctly with the neighboring leaves.

Enjoy your wreath! I hung mine with a simple burlap ribbon, but the options are endless! Happy Gathering!! 🌱🍃🍁🌿

🌿 Laura & Kim 🌿 September 2018 🌿

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We are two vintage loving sisters! Do you remember that song by Barbara Mandrel? “I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool”?, well we were Vintage when vintage wasn’t cool!! We traipsed garage sales, barn sales, flea markets and attics with our Mom way back in the ‘70s. Our Mom had a love for all things old and from the past. All of the furniture we had growing up was stuff our Mom found second-hand and refinished in our garage, with our Dad. Each piece had a story, and it usually involved Mom talking her way into some old farmhouse attic! We learned the love of the hunt from our sweet Marilyn and to this day, we love nothing more than digging through a pile of vintage, second-hand stuff!! We are both Moms and first-time Grandmas or Mammaws. We both have full-time jobs and full-time families. We love nothing more than our family as well as the Memories we cherish from Murry Lane, our family home. We dedicate this site to our Mom who instilled family, home, and hard-work into us and our brothers. We’d love to have you hang out with us! You never know what we might find! 🌿 Happy Vintage Hunting! 🌿 Laura & Kim 🌿

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  1. Barbed Wire and Lace October 6, 2018

    Magnolias have such a special place in my heart. Aside from just being a southern icon, it’s such a sentimental thing to me. My grandmother was obsessed. She had magnolia paintings all over her home and magnolia candles. I miss her so this brings me back to being home with her. I HAVE to make this. Truly different, creative concept and I love it. Keep it up, doll! This is truly inspirational!

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      • Barbed Wire and Lace October 6, 2018

        I’ll definitely let you know how it goes.. cause my patience is as thin as Saran Wrap 🤣 but I’m determined. This one is worth the wait. Thanks for sharing!


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